Sentence Examples

  • If you're serious about fading your stretch marks, hit the drugstore and stock up on either cocoa butter or aloe Vera gel and apply them diligently, concentrating on the areas that are the most burdensome and embarrassing.
  • Though you can easily pick up ointments in the skin care aisles of the drugstore and almost anywhere sunscreen is sold, you may also want to try fresh leaves that have been refrigerated for a cooling sensation and pain relief.
  • Aztec sunglasses seem to reach all the classic styles for those who can't just shop for the timeless shapes, styles, and colors at the drugstore or department stores-those who need vision correction and don't wear contacts.
  • While you can buy a decent spray in any drugstore, if you're talking about weatherizing a really high-quality leather bag, you should take it to your local shoe repair shop and pay the extra money to have them do it.
  • Fans of basic, classic mascaras can rest assured that their beloved formulas will always have a place on drugstore walls, but even newfangled products created by trusted brands may pass muster with these consumers.