Sentence Examples

  • The climate of the delta is cooler and more temperate than in Upper Burma, and this is shown in the fairer complexion and stouter physique of the people of the lower province as compared with the inhabitants of the drier and hotter upper districts as far as Bhamo, where there is a great infusion of other types of the TibetoBurman family.
  • 1), a hedgerow tree, generally grows in drier situations.
  • The feathers and wings of birds are still drier and thinner leaves.
  • The Sierra Madre crosses the southern part of the state parallel with the coast, separating the low, humid, forested districts on the frontier of Tabasco from the hot, drier, coastal plain on the Pacific. The mountain region includes a plateau of great fertility and temperate climate, which is one of the best parts of Mexico and contains the larger part of the population of the state.
  • On the east coast the same fertility is seen with less forest, and, round Hawkes Bay, a hotter and drier summer.