Sentence Examples

  • But their former tributaries no longer run their full course: the glacier-fed Zarafshan dries up amid the gardens of Bokhara soon after emerging from the highlands; and the Tejen and the Murghab lose themselves in the recesses of the Kara-kum desert.
  • It forms a dark-violet precipitate which dries to a greyish-violet powder.
  • M., but it is of varying size, and sometimes dries up in part.
  • It dissolves in acids to form a mixture of a ferrous and ferric salt,' and if an alkali is added to the solution a black precipitate is obtained which dries to a dark brown mass of the composition Fe(OH)2Fe203; this substance is attracted by a magnet, and thus may be separated from the admixed ferric oxide.
  • In course of time it dries up, leaving nothing but a brown scale adhering to the bottom or side of the cell.