Sentence Examples

  • I've got to get the stuff out of the dryer before it wrinkles.
  • The coagulated rubber separated from the watery fluid is cut up into small pieces and passed through the grooved rollers of the washing machine, from which it issues in sheets, long crinkled ribbons or " crepe," which are then dried in hot air chambers or in a vacuum dryer, by which means the water is dissipated at a lower temperature.
  • There's a dryer and a stack of towels next to the shower.
  • The pair spent the balance of the morning emptying the washing machine and dryer, only to fill them with never-ending loads, while in between clearing dishes, brewing more coffee, and playing the jovial innkeepers.
  • South-east of the Parnahyba the coast region becomes dryer and more sandy and the forests disappear.