Sentence Examples

  • He was like a horse running downhill harnessed to a heavy cart.
  • He shifted his bike into high gear as he began a long downhill, build­ing speed, anxious to get home.
  • In a heated moment the phrase "jack-booted thug" slips out, and it is all downhill from there.
  • Both of them led downhill and troops were marching along both.
  • The line of defence adjacent to the battery looked downhill for about 300 yds., giving a clear field of fire for the new Enfield rifle the English carried; but a sharp break in the slope beyond that range gave the assailants plenty of "dead ground" on which to form up. For a time, therefore, the battle was a series of attacks, delivered with great fierceness by the main body of Pavlov's corps, the repulse of each being followed by the disappearance of the assailants.