Sentence Examples

  • Virtually every car he owned confirmed he was a 'player'. The Lovebirds had started a fire and were sitting on the divan in front of it.
  • The divan accompanied the sultan on military expeditions.
  • Affairs of state were at first discussed at the imperial divan, where the great dignitaries were convened at appointed hours.
  • The remaining regulations set forth the manner in which extra-budgetary and extraordinary expenses were to be dealt with, and the manner in which the rectified budget, showing the actual revenues and expenditure as proved at the close of the year was to be drawn up with the assistance of the state accounts department (divan-i-mouhassebat).
  • The duties of the other viziers were limited to attending the divan; they were called kubbe or cupola viziers from the fact that the council met under a cupola; they were pashas with three horse-tails, and were attended by large retinues, having generally achieved distinction as beylerbeys.

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