Sentence Examples

  • 34, 11 93 b 1-15), and it omits altogether the division into distributive and corrective justice.
  • (vi) Distributive Law, that multiplications and divisions may be distributed over additions and subtractions, e.g.
  • (b) The important form of the distributive law is m(A+B) = mA+mB.
  • Even in ordinary algebra the notation for powers and roots disturbs the symmetry of the rational theory; and when a schoolboy illegitimately extends the distributive law by writing -V (a+b)a+J b, he is unconsciously emphasizing this want of complete harmony.
  • To Find 3 Times 427, We Apply The Distributive Law (§ 58 (Vi)) That 3.427=3 (400 20 7)= 3.400 3.20 3.7.