Sentence Examples

  • They have been regarded as a fiction invented later by the enemies of Epicureanism, with the view of discrediting the most powerful work ever produced by any disciple of that sect.
  • Even if the first part of Egonesham is English - which is by no means certain - it is hardly sufficient reason for discrediting this statement, for Canterbury (Cantwaraburg) and Rochester (Hrofes ceaster) were without doubt Roman places in spite of their English names.
  • Obviously tentative, and with limits and ultimate interpretation to be determined elsewhere, it failed to bear fruit till the Renaissance, and then by the irony of fate to the discrediting of Aristotle.
  • This unfortunate affair had the effect of greatly discrediting Persia on the London Stock Exchange for a long time.
  • Various attempts to obtain a foreign loan had been made during the previous year, but with the sole result of discrediting the Persian government in Europe.

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