Sentence Examples

  • They have been regarded as a fiction invented later by the enemies of Epicureanism, with the view of discrediting the most powerful work ever produced by any disciple of that sect.
  • Even if the first part of Egonesham is English - which is by no means certain - it is hardly sufficient reason for discrediting this statement, for Canterbury (Cantwaraburg) and Rochester (Hrofes ceaster) were without doubt Roman places in spite of their English names.
  • This unfortunate affair had the effect of greatly discrediting Persia on the London Stock Exchange for a long time.
  • Various attempts to obtain a foreign loan had been made during the previous year, but with the sole result of discrediting the Persian government in Europe.
  • The book had a considerable effect in discrediting the reactionary policy of the government; but it was not until 1828, when Berenger was elected to the chamber, that he had an opportunity of exercising a personal influence on affairs as a member of the group known as that of constitutional opposition.