Sentence Examples

  • The method of using these liquids is in all cases the same; a particle is dropped in; if it floats a diluent is added and the mixture well stirred.
  • Their aperient action is dependent upon the minimum of irritation of the bowel, and is exercised by their abstraction from the blood of water, which passes into the bowel to act as a diluent of the salt.
  • The function of the sand is simply that of a diluent to prevent undue shrinkage and cracking in drying.
  • This excess does no harm, for that part which fails to unite with the lime serves as a diluent, much as does sand in mortar.
  • This, however, is manifestly incorrect, as, if it were true, 4% of ethylene mixed with 96% of a combustible diluent such as hydrogen should give 16to 17-candle gas, whereas a mixture of 10% of ethylene and 90% of hydrogen is devoid of luminosity.

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