Sentence Examples

  • The bas-reliefs of one of the chapels represent Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Diana, together with the signs of the zodiac. And these subjects are derived, it appears, from a poem in which Sigismondo had invoked the gods and the signs of the zodiac to soften Isotta's heart and win her to his arms. The pageants of Mars and Diana seem to have been suggested by the Trionfi of Petrarch.
  • In the same way the adoration of living human beings, the deification of living kings - whose title survives in our king or queen of the May, and in the rex nemorensis, the priest of Diana in the grove of Aricia - has been most fruitful in myths of divine beings.
  • For Diana of Poitiers.
  • She entrusted to Philibert de l'Orme the building of her chateau at Anet, and it was for her that Jean Goujon executed his masterpiece, the statue of Diana, now in the Louvre.
  • Viirtheim (De Ajacis origine, 1907), the Amazons were of Greek origin: " all the Amazons were Dianas, as Diana herself was an Amazon."

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