Sentence Examples

  • Various devices have been suggested for extinguishing the arc and yet allowing the condenser oscillatory discharge to take place.
  • Xerophytes.These plants have devices (a) for procuring water, (b) or for storing water, (c) or for limiting transpiration; and these adaptations are obviously related to the physically or physiologically dry habitats in which the plants live.
  • Yet the best safety devices are made in America, and means of reducing these death records are well known.
  • Both in England and in America this process of consolidation has been obstructed by all known legislative devices, because of the widespread belief that competition in the field of transportation was necessary if fair prices were to be charged for the service.
  • Generally steam from the boiler is admitted direct to the low-pressure cylinder through a reducing valve, and valves and devices are used to prevent the steam so admitted acting as a back pressure on the high-pressure cylinder.

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