Sentence Examples

  • At small heights Exner (27) has employed captive balloons, provided with a burning fuse, and carrying a wire connected with an electroscope on the ground.
  • If an insulated brass ball is touched against the first tray and then against the knob or plate of the electroscope, the gold leaves will diverge.
  • If the ball is discharged and touched against the other tray, and then afterwards against the previously charged electroscope, the leaves will collapse.
  • If whilst holding the ebonite sheet over the tray the latter is also touched with an insulated brass ball, then this ball when removed and tested with the electroscope will be found to be negatively electrified.
  • The sign of the electrification imparted to the electroscope when so charged - that is, whether positive or negative - can be determined by rubbing the sealing-wax rod with flannel and the glass rod with silk, and approaching them gently to the electroscope one at a time.

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