Sentence Examples

  • Of Sweden, who was dethroned by a military movement (29th of March 1809).
  • They therefore rose and dethroned him, soon afterwards putting him to death.
  • (1465-1521) succeeded in 1 512 his father Bayezid II., whom he dethroned, and whose death, following immediately afterwards, gave rise to suspicions which Selim's character certainly justified.
  • In the same year, however, Isaac was dethroned by his brother, Alexius III.; but Henry married Isaac's daughter Irene to his brother, Philip of Swabia, and thus attempted to give the Hohenstaufen a new title and a valid claim against the usurper Alexius.
  • Though not a minor, he had no greater success than the sons of the usurpers who preceded him, being dethroned after six weeks (March I5th, 1453) in favor of the amir Inal al-Ala~, who took the title Malik al-A shraf.