Sentence Examples

  • They therefore rose and dethroned him, soon afterwards putting him to death.
  • There were thus in Bagdad three caliphs who had been dethroned and blinded, Qahir, Mottaqi and Mostakfi.
  • In 1475 Stephen the Great, having dethroned the voivode Radu, burned the town.
  • 322 (April 934) he was dethroned and blinded, and died in poverty seven years later.
  • The Elamite king was dethroned and imprisoned in 700 B.C. by his brother Khallusu, who six years later marched into Babylonia, captured the son of Sennacherib, whom his father had placed there as king, and raised a nominee of his own, Nergal-yusezib, to the throne.