Sentence Examples

  • Consideration of the definition of the determinant shows that the value is unaltered when the suffixes in each element are transposed.
  • If any two rows or any two columns of a determinant be identical the value of the determinant is zero.
  • By solving the equations of transformation we obtain rE1 = a22x1 - a12x1, r = - a21x1 + allx2, aua12 where r = I = anon-anon; a21 a22 r is termed the determinant of substitution or modulus of transformation; we assure x 1, x 2 to be independents, so that r must differ from zero.
  • Such an expression as a l b 2 -a 2 b i, which is aa 2 ab 2 aa x 2 2 ax1' is usually written (ab) for brevity; in the same notation the determinant, whose rows are a l, a 2, a3; b2, b 2, b 3; c 1, c 2, c 3 respectively, is written (abc) and so on.
  • = (A11+A22)n by the substitutions 51 = A l, E1+�1 2, 52 = A2E1+�2E2, the umbrae Al, A2 are expressed in terms of the umbrae al, a 2 by the formulae A l = Alai +A2a2, A2 = �la1 +�2a2� We gather that A1, A2 are transformed to a l, a 2 in such wise that the determinant of transformation reads by rows as the original determinant reads by columns, and that the modulus of the transformation is, as before, (A / .c).

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