Sentence Examples

  • Visits to the Internet cycling forum revealed others in a similar predicament.
  • Show that support by not serving forbidden foods to other family members in the presence of the dieting teen, by joining in exercises such as walking or cycling, and by providing as much positive reinforcement as your teen will tolerate.
  • It hugs the body with a snug fit which helps prevent chafing that can result when wearing loose fitting shorts that get damp from sweat and then rub and irritate the skin when repetitive movements such as cycling are performed.
  • Whether you ride a bicycle for pleasure or as an alternative mode of transportation, signing up for one of the many bicycle safety programs offered at local, state and federal levels will help to keep you safe when cycling.
  • If you're cycling outdoors, try to incorporate hills or periods of sprinting into your workout - these more difficult bursts of exercise will help strengthen your legs while also improving your cardiovascular capacity.