Sentence Examples

  • The same line of argument may be extended to the Hymns, and even to some of the lost works of the post-Homeric or so-called " Cyclic " poets.
  • Yet Arctinus of Miletus was said to have been a " disciple of Homer," and was certainly one of the earliest and most considerable of the " Cyclic " poets.
  • Flowers which are cyclic at one portion and spiral at another, as in many Ranunculaceae, are termed hemicyclic. In spiral flowers the distinction into series is by no means easy, and usually there is a gradual passage from sepaloid through petaloid to staminal parts, as in the water-lily family, Nymphaeaceae (figs.
  • Those forms of aestivation are such as occur in cyclic flowers, and they are included under circular aestivation.
  • Here we meet with a great diversity of types: oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur and other elements may, in addition to carbon, combine together in a great number of arrangements to form cyclic nuclei, which exhibit characters closely resembling open-chain compounds in so far as they yield substitution derivatives, and behave as compound radicals.

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