Sentence Examples

  • It may be obtained synthetically by the action of ammonium iodide on cyanamide, CN NH2+ NH 4 I=CN 3 H 5 HI
  • This diazo compound is decomposed by caustic alkalis with the formation of cyanamide and hydrazoic acid, CH4N3 N03=N3H+CN NH2+ HN03, whilst acetates and carbonates convert it into amidotetra zotic acid, H2N C?NH - N.
  • Baudrimant, Jahresb., 1880, p. 393); by the action of 50% sulphuric acid on cyanamide: CN NH2+H20= CO(NH 2) 2; by the action of mercuric oxide on oxamide (A.
  • 33 28, 3329 (1901)] prepare sodium cyanamide by melting sodium with carbons or some hydrocarbon, and passing ammonia over the melt at from 400 0 -600° C. The temperature is then raised to 700°-800° C., and the sodium cyanamide in contact with the residual carbon forms sodium cyanide.
  • Heated in a current of carbon dioxide sodamide yields caustic soda and cyanamide, and with nitrous oxide it gives sodium azoimide; it deflagrates with lead or silver nitrate and explodes with potassium chlorate.

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