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  • To this problem there was added another in about the third decade of the 19th century - namely, to determine the manner in which the atoms composing the radical were combined; this supplementary 'requisite was due to the discovery of the isomerism of silver fulminate and silver cyanate by Justus von Liebig in 1823, and to M.
  • Rossler and Hasslacher prepare the double potassium sodium cyanide by fusing potassium ferrocyanide with sodium, the product of fusion being extracted with water and the solution evaporated: K 4 Fe(NC) 6 +2Na = Fe+ 4KNC 2NaNC. This process gives a product free from cyanate, which was always formed in the older fusion processes.
  • ONH 4 +CO(NH 2) 2 = 2Hconh 2 + (NH 4) 2 C3 3; by heating ammonium formate in a sealed tube for some hours at 230° C., or by the action of sodium amalgam on a solution of potassium cyanate (H.
  • Wdhler oxidized potassium ferrocyanide to potassium cyanate by fusing it with lead or manganese dioxide, converted this cyanate into ammonium cyanate by adding ammonium sulphate, and this on evaporation gives urea, thus: K 4 Fe(NC)r-->K CNO--->NH4CNO->CO (NH2)2 It may also be prepared by the action of ammonia on carbonyl chloride, diethyl carbonate, chlorcarbonic ester or urethane; by heating ammonium carbamate in a sealed tube to 130-140° C.; by oxidizing potassium cyanide in acid solution with potassium permanganate (E.
  • Amidourea, or semicarbazide, NH 2 CO NH NH 2, is best prepared from hydrazine sulphate and potassium cyanate (J.

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