Sentence Examples

  • They've been killing themselves with cyanide pills, Rainy added.
  • On the addition of potassium cyanide they give a brown precipitate of cobalt cyanide, Co(CN) 2, which dissolves in excess of potassium cyanide to a green solution.
  • Cobaltous cyanide, Co(CN)2.3H20, is obtained when the carbonate is dissolved in hydrocyanic acid or when the acetate is precipitated by potassium cyanide.
  • Hydrocobaltocyanic acid is not known, but its potassium salt, K4Co(CN) 6, is formed when freshly precipitated cobalt cyanide is dissolved in an ice-cold solution of potassium cyanide.
  • In alkaline solution it readily takes up oxygen and is converted into potassium cobalticyanide, K 3 Co(CN) 6, which may also be obtained by evaporating a solution of cobalt cyanide, in excess of potassium cyanide, in the presence of air, 8KCN+2Co(CN)2+H20+0= 2K 3 Co(CN) 6 +2KHO.

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