Sentence Examples

  • I've got Cuban coffee.
  • This was done in large part because the two powers came so close to going to war over the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • With dark hair and eyes and the caramel skin marking his Cuban heritage, Jonny was tall and lanky.
  • While his treaty with Lord Lyons in 1862 for the suppression of the slave trade conceded to England the right of search to a limited extent in African and Cuban waters, he secured a similar concession for American war vessels from the British government, and by his course in the Trent Affair he virtually committed Great Britain to the American attitude with regard to this right.
  • The cattle are destined chiefly for the saladero establishments for the preparation of tasajo, or jerked beef, for the Brazilian and Cuban markets, and for the Liebig factory, where large quantities of extract of meat are prepared for the European trade.