Sentence Examples

  • Notable among the flora are roses, japonicas, hibiscus shrubs of various species, poinsettias, tea olives, crepe myrtle, jasmines, magnolias, camellias, oleanders, chrysanthemums, geraniums and plumbagos.
  • The coagulated rubber separated from the watery fluid is cut up into small pieces and passed through the grooved rollers of the washing machine, from which it issues in sheets, long crinkled ribbons or " crepe," which are then dried in hot air chambers or in a vacuum dryer, by which means the water is dissipated at a lower temperature.
  • Plantation rubber comes into commerce in the form of the crinkled ribbons known as crepe, in sheets or biscuits, and sometimes in large blocks made by compressing the crepe rubber.
  • This statement has given rise to considerable discussion, but from it and internal evidence the date of the Apology (IIpar/3Eia crepe X pl- a-rcavwv) may be fixed at about A.D.
  • Barely hours later we forced down a mouth-watering meal of French style crepes washed down with local cider.

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