Sentence Examples

  • Allegheny was laid out in 1788 on a portion of a tract which the state had previously reserved opposite Pittsburg, with a view to bringing some valuable land into the market for the payment of its soldiers' claims. When ordered by the state to be laid out, it was also named as the site of the county-seat of the newly erected county of Allegheny, but the opposition of Pittsburg was so strong that by a supplementary act in the following year that town was made the county-seat.
  • In 1822 John Wood (1798-1880), the first white settler, built a log cabin here, and in 1825, Quincy, then having less than ten inhabitants, was made the county-seat of Adams county, both town and county being named through Wood's influence in honour of John Quincy Adams. Wood was lieutenantgovernor of the state in 1857-1860, and acting-governor in 1860-1861.
  • The first settlement on the site of what is now Fayetteville was made between 1820 and 1825; when Washington county was created in 1828 the place became the county-seat, and it was called Washington Court-house until 1829, when it received its present name.
  • TOPEKA, a city and the county-seat of Shawnee (disambiguation)|Shawnee county, Kansas, U.S.A., the capital of the state, situated on both sides of the Kansas river, in the east part of the state, about 60 m.
  • Zanesville became the county-seat upon the creation of Muskingum county in 1804, was the capital of the state from 1810 to 1812, was incorporated as a town in 1814, and was chartered as a city in 1850.