Sentence Examples

  • A pulley carried on a rotating shaft and connected to another pulley on a second shaft by an endless band consisting of a flat belt, rope, chain or similar connector serves for the transmission of power from the one shaft to the other and is known as a driving pulley; while combinations of pulleys or "sheaves," mounted in fixed or movable frames or "blocks," constitute mechanisms used to facilitate the raising of heavy weights.
  • Only calls originated by a subscriber pass through the selector switch (first selector) provided for his sole use; the calls incoming to him pass through one or other of the various connector switches upon which his circuit is multipled.
  • Fhe line of connection of two pieces connected by a wrapping connector is the centre line of the belt, cord or chain; and the comparative motions of the pieces are determined by the ~principles of 36 if both pieces turn, and of 37 if one turns and the other shifts, in which latter case the motion must be reciprocating.
  • Each connexion involves the use of three switches, viz., a first selector, a connector switch, and a second selector which is brought into operation between the other two.