Sentence Examples

  • This conjoint valley of the Rion-Kura was in remote antiquity the site of several Greek colonial settlements, later the seat of successive kingdoms of the Georgians, and for centuries it has formed a bulwark against hostile invasions from the south and east.
  • The assizes may speak of patriarch and king as conjoint seigneurs in Jerusalem; but as a matter of fact the king could secure the nomination of his own patriarch, and after Dagobert the patriarchs are, with the temporary exception of Stephen in 1128, the confidants and supporters of the kings.
  • Conjoint repression of civil and religious liberty had made thoughtful men ponder matters of church polity.
  • Eve 09- from Rim, it is said, emanated Horus as heart or mind and Thoth as tongue, and through the conjoint action of these two, the mind conceiving the design and the tongue uttering the creative command, all gods and men and beasts obtained their being.
  • Sometimes the passage is the conjoint work of many bees whose cells are grouped along it at convenient distances apart.

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