Sentence Examples

  • I'll get Mr. Cole! and ran from the room, leaving Dean hold­ing the unconscious woman, bent at the waist, feet off the floor, like a five-foot Raggedy-Ann doll.
  • He was sitting there a few moments later with Cynthia Byrne still unconscious when the attendant reappeared with Mr. Cole, a young intern, in tow.
  • "She'll be all right now," Intern Cole added leaving as quickly as he had arrived.
  • Fred was being consoled by Mrs. Abernathy or some other of his lady friends so Dean spent the evening alone with the sound of a little early Nat King Cole trio, vintage forties.
  • Cole, Wellingborough, 1838) that Henry Chicheley was picked up by William of Wykeham when he was a poor ploughboy " eating his scanty meal off his mother's lap," whatever that means.

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