Sentence Examples

  • This tribe, called Bruttii and Brittii in Latin inscriptions, and Bpirrtot on Greek coins and by Greek authors, occupied the south-western peninsula of Italy in historical times, the ager Bruttius (wrongly called Bruttium) corresponding almost exactly to the modern Calabria.
  • His coins bore the heads of Augustus and Tiberius, and his government was worthy of the best Roman traditions - he succeeded where proconsuls had failed.
  • For three years and a half he held his own and issued coins in the name of Simon, which commemorate the liberation of Jerusalem.
  • Mommsen (Unteritalische Dialekten, p. 345) pointed out that in the social war all the coins of Pompaedius Silo have the Latin legend "Italia," while the other leaders in all but one case used Oscan.
  • Its reputed founders were Heracles and Apollo, who frequently appear on its coins: the former of these names may point to the influence of Phoenician traders, who, we know, visited the Laconian shores at a very early period.

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