Sentence Examples

  • Lived in voluntary poverty on a few pence a day.
  • Land-taxes, however, were finally abolished in 1904, and their place was taken by an increased taxation on real estate, revised triennially, and by an income tax arranged on a sliding scale, up to 4% of the income (9.6 pence in the £), settled according to individual declaration.
  • The estimated revenues and expenditures for 1904 and 1905 at 21 pence per boliviano, were as follows: 1904, revenue £632,773: 15s., expenditure £74 8, 57 1: 10s.; 1905, revenue £ 6 93,7 6 3: 17: 6, expenditure £ 828, 937: 19: 9.
  • To one of her daughters, and of betrothing Charles the eldest of the Austrian archduchesses, exasperated also by the presumption of the Lorraine family, who aspired to the marriage of their nephew with Charles IX.s Pence, , sister, she signed the peace of St Germain on the 8th st of August 1570.
  • Numerical quantities, to be added or subtracted, must be in the same denomination; we cannot, for instance, add S5 shillings and loo pence, any more than we can add 3 yards and 2 metres.

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