Sentence Examples

  • In New South Wales chromium is found in the northern portion of the state, in the Clarence and Tamworth districts and also near Gundagai.
  • Chromium has been discovered in Tasmania also.
  • Molybdenum trioxide, like chromium trioxide, is an acidic oxide, and forms salts known as molybdates.
  • Chromium oxychloride reacts violently on phenol, producing hydroquinone ether, O(C 6 H 4 OH)2; chromic acid gives phenoquinone, and potassium permanganate gives paradiphenol, oxalic acid, and some salicylic acid (R.
  • Most of these were simple records of patient and laborious analytical operations, and it is perhaps surprising that among all the substances he analysed he only detected two new elements - beryllium (1798) in beryl and chromium (1797) in a red lead ore from Siberia.

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