Sentence Examples

  • Here, too, the reason of things - that which accounts for them - is no longer some external end to which they are tending; it is something acting within them, " a spirit deeply interfused," germinating and developing as from a seed in the heart of each separate thing that exists (X6yos cr repyartK6s).
  • It is principally due to a lack of alcohol in the wine cr to lack of acidity in the must.
  • At any point of this we have x y I = Ap. Bq: Cr, and the equation is therefore (I ~~r) x1+ (1 ~lll) yf+ (1 ~ 12=0.
  • For we have seen that r is constant when there are no extraneous forces; and r is evidently not affected by an instantaneous impulse which leaves the angular momentum Cr, about the axis of symmetry, unaltered.
  • If we now apply them to the case of a rigid body moving about a fixed point 0, and make Ox, Oy, Oz coincide with the principal axes of inertia at 0, we have X, u, v=Ap, Bq, Cr, whence A (B C) qr = L,

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