Sentence Examples

  • Chaucer wrote a treatise on the astrolabe; Milton constantly refers to planetary influences; in Shakespeare's King Lear, Gloucester and Edmund represent respectively the old and the new faith.
  • The name is of uncertain origin; some derive it from lolium, tares, quoting Chaucer (C. Shipman's Prologue) "This Loller heer wil prechen us somwhat..
  • Wright), treatises like those of John of Salisbury, Gerald of Wales, and, later, Wycliffes works, Netters Fasciculi Zizaniorum, Gascoignes Loci e libro veritatum, Pecocks Repressor, and the literary writings of Chaucer, Langland, Gower, Richard Rolle and others.
  • The poet Chaucer may serve as a humbler example of the rise of the burgher class the son of a vintner, he became the father of a knight, and the ancestor, through female descents, of many baronial families.
  • As to intellectual vigour, the age that produced two minds of such marked originality in different spheres as Wycliffe and Chaucer must not be despised, even if it failed to carry out all the promise of the 13th century.

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