Sentence Examples

  • From party ports such as Key West and Cozumel to water sport nirvanas such as Grand Cayman and the Bahamas, there are dozens of options for different itineraries aboard Carnival ships.
  • Cayman Islands: While the Caymans provide a lush Caribbean location, real estate is expensive and the people have a reputation of not being as friendly as in some other locations.
  • The crocodile and cayman occur in the swampy littoral of the south.
  • CAYMAN ISLANDS, a group of three low-lying islands in the West Indies.
  • The Central American Sea communicates with the Atlantic through the channels between the Antilles, none of which is quite 1000 fathoms deep, and it sinks to a depth of 2843 fathoms in the Caribbean Basin, 3428 fathoms in the Cayman Trench and 2080 fathoms in the Gulf of Mexico.