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  • All those who wished for peace and orderly government came by degrees to oppose the Directors; and, seeing that the latter clung to Jacobinical catchwords and methods, public opinion tended to become "moderate" or even royalist.
  • One of the catchwords of the day was to insist on a knowledge of things instead of a knowledge of words, on " realism " instead of " verbalism."
  • The patriotism and Pan-Germanism of the gymnastic societies (Turuvereine) and students associations (Burschenschaften) expressed themselves with more noise than discretion; in the South-German parliaments the platitudes and catchwords of the Revolution were echoed.
  • For Madame de Kriidener was not the only influence behind the throne; and, though Alexander had declared war against the Revolution, Laharpe was once more at his elbow, and the catchwords of the gospel of humanity were still on his lips.
  • They were catchwords, as it were, memoria technica, which could easily be remembered, and would recall the fuller expositions that had been based upon them.

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