Sentence Examples

  • This excessive rainfall is caused by the fact that Cherrapunji stands on the edge of the plateau overlooking the plains of Bengal, where it catches the full force of the monsoon as it rises from the sea.
  • The life of the dead man in the sky is variously envisaged in different texts: at one moment he is spoken of as accompanying the sun-god in his celestial bark, at another as a mighty king more powerful than Re himself; the crudest fancy of all pictures him as a hunter who catches the stars and gods, and cooks and eats them.
  • The lower one is attached to the carriage, and the upper one is pulled out as far as it will go and retained in position by catches before the mast is raised.
  • Io), by means of the surface of several fire-brick walls, catches in one phase the heat evolved by the burning gas as it sweeps through, and in the other phase returns that heat to the entering blast as it sweeps through from left to right.
  • Trawlers are extensively employed, and steamers bring the catches directly to the large fish markets at Geestemnde and Altona, whence facilities are afforded by the railways for the rapid transport of fish to Berlin and other centres.