Sentence Examples

  • By the rennet ferment caseinogen is converted into casein, a substance resembling caseinogen in being soluble in water, but differing in having an insoluble calcium salt.
  • The formation of casein involves the curdling of milk.
  • 'In chemical constitution it consists of an emulsion of fatty globules (cream) in a watery alkaline solution of casein, and a variety of sugar, peculiar to milk, called lactose.
  • The casein, which forms the principal constituent of cheese, and a certain proportion of albumen which is present, form the nitrogenous, while the complex saline substances and water are the mineral constituents.
  • Triferrin is a paranucleinate of iron, and contains 22% of iron and 21% of organically combined phosphorus, prepared from the casein of cow's milk.