Sentence Examples

  • Plekhanov and Struve were at that time the chief exponents of Marxism: they adopted the teaching of Karl Marx as regards the necessary sequence of economic stages - feudalism, bourgeois individualism, capitalism, proletarian upheaval.
  • In that scheme the rise and growth of capitalism was considered to be a necessary preliminary to social revolution, and it was thought that Russia had hardly entered that stage: therefore it was not ripe for a social upheaval.
  • But though the bourgeois had acquired through capitalism certain sources of influence, and gradually monopolized municipal and public functions, the kin~ and the peasants had also benefited by this revolution.
  • The ruins of the feudal system; and the capitalism of the merchants and bankers upon the closing of the trade-gilds to workmen, upon severe economic pressure and upon, the exploitation of the artisans labor.
  • But laissez-faire capitalism in turn depends on comprehensive property rights and the rule of law.

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