Sentence Examples

  • The tablet of Canopus shows that there were two festivals of Bubastis, the great and the lesser: perhaps the lesser festival was!held at Memphis, where the quarter called Ankhto contained a temple to this goddess.
  • The " Canopus " (Capt.
  • 30 and proceeded N., leaving the " Canopus " to remedy engine defects and bring on colliers.
  • 65 W., closing at full speed on the " Good Hope," and the whole line began to close rapidly on the flagship. The " Canopus " was 300 m.
  • J 1 Glasgow Otranto," which could only go 16 knots, it is possible that he might have attempted to fall back on the " Canopus," for the rest of his squadron was faster than von Spee's and he could have slipped away to the S.

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