Sentence Examples

  • CANAAN These geographical and ethnic terms have a shifting reference, which doubtless arises out of the migrations of the tribes to which the term " Canaanites " belongs.
  • From the fact that Egyptian (though not Hebrew) scribes constantly prefix the article, we may suppose that it originally meant " the country of the Canaanites," just as the Hebrew phrase " the Lebanon " may originally have meant " the highlands of the Libnites "; and we are thus permitted to group the term " Canaan " with clan-names such as Achan, Akan, Jaakan, Anak (generally with the article prefixed), Kain, Kenan.
  • Tile pressure of a strong hand kept the Syrians and Canaanites sufficiently loyal to the Pharaohs.
  • Judah, also, is represented as settling among the Canaanites (xxxviii.), and Simeon marries a Canaanite - according to late tradition, a woman of Zephath (xlvi.
  • Ad loc. ' That there are traditions in Genesis which do not form the prelude to Exodus is very generally recognized by those who agree that the Israelites after entering Palestine took over some of the indigenous lore (whether from the Canaanites or from a presumed earlier layer of Israelites).

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