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  • In its earliest form it was no doubt most closely allied to the Canaanite or Phoenician stock, to the language of Moab, as revealed by the stele of Mesha (c. 850 B.C.), and to Edomite.
  • The Phoenicians were an early offshoot from the Semitic stock, and belonged to the Canaanite branch of it.
  • The former was probably the older word, and may be traced to 40tvos = " blood-red "; the Canaanite sailors were spoken of as the " red men " on account of their sunburnt skin; then the land from which they came was called after them; and then probably the original connexion between Ioivt and 40tvos was forgotten, and new forms and meanings were invented.
  • - Inscriptions, coins, topographical names preserved by Greek and Latin writers, names of persons and the Punic passages in the Poenulus of Plautus, all show conclusively that the Phoenician language belonged to the North-Semitic group, and to that subdivision of it which is called the Canaanite and includes Hebrew and the dialect of Moab.
  • Hence we may conclude that the two languages developed independently from a common ancestor, which can be no other than the ancient Canaanite, of which a few words have survived in the Canaanite glosses to the Amarna tablets (written in Babylonian).4 But in forming an estimate of the Phoenician language it must be remembered that our material is scanty and limited in range; the Phoenicians were in no sense a literary people; moreover, with one exception (CIS.

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