Sentence Examples

  • The calibre gradually contracts from the peritoneal to the uterine opening.
  • He brought to his task an intellect of the first calibre - keen, quick, penetrating.
  • The artillery strength consisted of 851 guns, of which 348 were of heavy or medium calibre and 259 were light guns of position.
  • Danby was a statesman of very different calibre from the 1 Chronicles of London Bridge, by R.
  • (9) c 2 Ci If the shot is moving as if fired from a gun of calibre d inches, in which the rifling makes one turn in a pitch of n calibres or nd inches, so that the angle S of the rifling is given by tan S = ird/nd = 2 d p/u, (10) '°If a denotes the density of the metal, and if the shell has a cavity homothetic with the external ellipsoidal shape, a fraction f of the linear scale; then the volume of a round shot being sird 3, and sird 3 x of a shot x calibres long W =*ird 3 x(I -f 3)v, (20) 2 Wki 2= 61rd 3 xo(I-f 5)Q, (21) Wk22=67rd3x 2 2+0 2(I - f5)Q.