Sentence Examples

  • It lodges the copulatory organ, and on its dorsal wall lies the bursa Fabricii, an organ peculiar to birds.
  • Forbes, " On the Bursa Fabricii in Birds," P.Z.S., 18 77, pp. 304-318; H.
  • From this an equally slender tube proceeds, which joins its fellow of the opposite side, and the two form a thick, walled tube, which opens on to the exterior within the bursa copulatrix through which the penis protrudes.
  • In all these cases the female duct bears a bursa copulatrix or receptaculum seminis.
  • Many of the plants are annuals; among these are some of the commonest weeds of cultivation, shepherd's purse (Capsella Bursa-pastoris), charlock (Brassica Sinapis), and such common FIG.

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