Sentence Examples

  • The company does offer standard packages of static web pages, bundled with a year of hosting, and that makes things quite convenient in some ways - but if you want a site with dynamic content, static pages won't help you.
  • What the fallout will be remains to be seen, but with savings of long distance and other bundled package services nearing the 50% mark, it's doubtful that VoIP providers like Vonage Phone Service will soon go away.
  • Bundled in with every system sold in North America, Wii Sports is a compilation of five different activities, each of which make use of the Wii Remote's unique motion-sensitive controls in an interesting way.
  • There are rumors that Wii Sports may be bundled in with the Wii machine at launch in an attempt to help people adjust to the "intuitive" motion-sensitive controller, its incredibly intricacy and precision.
  • Software that is included, though not as bundled as in the past: web browser, media player for CDs/DVDs, word processing (a very light word processor), and software for photo viewing/minimal photo editing.