Sentence Examples

  • The Vertebrata come within the scope of our subject, chiefly as destructive agents which cause wounds or devour young shoots and foliage, &c. Rabbits and other burrowing animals injure roots, squirrels and birds snip off buds, horned cattle strip off bark, and so forth.
  • Grapholitha) eat the buds or the roots (e.g.
  • They may occur on all parts, buds, leaves, stems or roots, as shown by the numerous species of Cynips on oak, Phylloxera on vines, &c. The local damage is small, - but the general injury to assimilation, absorption and other functions, may be important if the numbers increase.
  • Bruising by a cartwheel, insects-having started a callus on which adventitious buds arise, or to the destruction of buds at an early stage.
  • Then, stores of food-material being accumulated at the injured place, other buds arise at the base of or around the injured one.

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