Sentence Examples

  • Similarly bud-scales can be caused to develop into foliage-leaves, if the buds to which they belong are caused to grow out in the year of, their formation by the removal of the existing foliage-leaves.
  • 15),the polyps produce buds right and left alternately, so that the hydranths are arranged in a zigzag fashion, forming a " scorpioid cyme," as in Obelia and Sertularia.
  • Buds may be produced from the manubrium, radial canals, ring-canal, or tentaclebases, or from an aboral stolon (Narcomedusae).
  • Each corbula contains a central row of blastostyles enclosed and protected by lateral rows of branches representing stunted buds (Allman [1], p. 60, fig.
  • The buds become medusae by the direct method of budding described above.