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  • Genera: (a) Trochilus, Certhia, Upupa, Buphaga, Sitta, Oriolus, Coracias, Gracula, Corvus, Paradisea; (b) Ramphastos, Trogon, Psittacus, Crotophaga, Picus, Yunx, Cuculus, Bucco; (c) Buceros, Alcedo, Merops, Todos.
  • To some of the Linnaean genera he dare not, however, assign a place, for instance, Buceros, Haematopus, Merops, Glareola (B risson's genus, by the by) and Palamedea.
  • ' ` Calaos "-Buceros, Linn.
  • Then a new order " Picariae " is instituted for the reception of the Macrochires, Cuculinae, Picinae Psittacinae and Amphibolae of his old arrangement, to which are added three 3 others - Caprimulginae, Todidae and Lipoglossae - the last consisting of the genera Buceros, Upupa and Alcedo.
  • The association of Alcedo with the other two is no doubt a 'misplacement, but the alliance of Buceros to Upupa, already suggested by Gould and Blyth in 1838 4 (Mag.

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