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  • Nearly every order, except that of the Struthiones or ostriches, is well represented, and there are many peculiar genera not found elsewhere, such as Buceros, Harpactes, Lophophorus, Euplocamus, Pavo and Ceriornis.
  • To some of the Linnaean genera he dare not, however, assign a place, for instance, Buceros, Haematopus, Merops, Glareola (B risson's genus, by the by) and Palamedea.
  • ' ` Calaos "-Buceros, Linn.
  • Then a new order " Picariae " is instituted for the reception of the Macrochires, Cuculinae, Picinae Psittacinae and Amphibolae of his old arrangement, to which are added three 3 others - Caprimulginae, Todidae and Lipoglossae - the last consisting of the genera Buceros, Upupa and Alcedo.
  • The association of Alcedo with the other two is no doubt a 'misplacement, but the alliance of Buceros to Upupa, already suggested by Gould and Blyth in 1838 4 (Mag.

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