Sentence Examples

  • A small woman in convent browns entered and curtseyed.
  • Diptera in general are not remarkable for brilliancy of coloration; as a rule they are dull and inconspicuous in hue, the prevailing bodytints being browns and greys; occasionally, however, more especially in species (Syrphidae) that mimic Hymenoptera, the body is conspicuously banded with yellow; a few are metallic, such as the species of Formosia, found in the islands of the East Indian Archipelago, which are among the most brilliant of all insects.
  • If this chapter angers the Right and Left, the Greens and Browns, the capitalists and socialists, the nutritionists and farmers, I apologize to all in advance.
  • "Browns" is a lapse of the pencil for "brown eyes."
  • I was very sorry that the poor little girl with the browns and the "tangled golden curls" died.

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