Sentence Examples

  • Many of the plants are annuals; among these are some of the commonest weeds of cultivation, shepherd's purse (Capsella Bursa-pastoris), charlock (Brassica Sinapis), and such common FIG.
  • Irio is London rocket, so-called because it sprang up after the fire of 1666), Brassica (cabbage and mustard), Diplotaxis (rocket), Cochlearia (scurvy-grass), Capsella (shepherd's purse), Lepidium (cress), Thlaspi (penny-cress), Cakile (sea rocket), Raphanus (radish), and others.
  • Of economic importance are species of Brassica, including mustard (B.
  • - Several forms of plants included in the genus Brassica are cultivated for the oil which is present in their ripe seeds.
  • The one most extensively grown for this purpose is known as colza, rape or coleseed, in Germany as Raps (Brassica napus, var.

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