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  • (5 vols., 1882-1886); Collection de memoires sur l'histoire de Belgique au X VI e, X VII e, et X Vill e siecles (47 vols., 1858-1875) (chiefly dealing with the period of the Revolt) P. Bor, Oorspronck, begin ende aenwang der Nederlandscher oorlogen, beroerten ende borgelijcke oneenicheyden (1595); J.
  • 0= {(n +I)Ar" - where P. denotes the zonal harmonic of the nth order; also, in the exceptional case of =Ao cos 0, 4) = Ao/r; 4'= Bor, 49 = - Bo log tan 2B sh - lx/y.
  • Andaval and Bor; inscriptions incised on sculptured stelae of kings (?), probably from Tyana (Ekuzli Hissar).
  • Sculptured stelae, honorific or funerary, all with pyramidal or slightly rounded upper ends, and showing a single regal or divine figure or two figures, have come to light at Bor, Marash, Sinjerli, Jerablus, Babylon, &c. These, like most of the rock-panels, are all marked as Hittite by accompanying pictographic inscriptions.
  • Hogarth at Bor; inscribed silver boss of " Tarkudimme," mentioned above, &c., &c.); many intaglios in various stones (chiefly in steatite), mostly either spheroidal or gable-shaped, but a few scarabaeoid, conical or cylindrical, bearing sometimes pictographic symbols, sometimes divine, human or animal figures.

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