Sentence Examples

  • The Bookman (1886), for a combination of popular and literary qualities, and the Badminton (1895), for sport, also deserve mention.
  • These were followed by Scribner's Magazine (1887), the New England Magazine (1889), the Illustrated Review of Reviews (1890), McClure's Magazine (1893), the Bookman (1895), the World's Work (1902), the American Magazine (1906) succeeding Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly, and Munsey's Magazine (1889).
  • The leading current monthlies include the New York Forum (1886), Arena (1890), Current Literature (1888), and Bookman, the Chicago, Dial (1880), and the Greenwich, Connecticut, Literary Collector.
  • He contributed to various periodicals, notably to the National Observer and the Bookman, and also to the Book of the Rhymers Club - the English Parnasse Contemporain of the early 'nineties.
  • See also The Bookman for August 1904; Francis Gribble, "The Hugo Legend," an adverse view, in Fortnightly Review (February 1910); and the article French Literature.